Here's the first single from the forthcoming debut album by Spanish soul-jazz formation Beat Bronco Organ Trio! Single "Hey Hey" features vocalist and guitarist Alberto Palacios Anaut who storms in with an old New Orleans classic. This Mardi Gras call-and response song was composed by the late great musical genius Dave Bartholomew who passed away last summer. This song is their tribute to a musical legend and endless source of inspiration.
Beat Bronco Organ Trio stormed onto the scene in 2019 and since then they have been burning up stages and festivals throughout the year, building a reputation as a stone-cold groove machine. Spain is already prominent on the modern-day funk map thanks to groups like The Sweet Vandals, Speak Low and Mighty Vamp, and it comes as no surprise that our hero trio featured at various times in all these bands. 
Gabri Casanova (keys), Lucas de Mulder (guitar, percussion) and Antonio "Pax" Alvarez (drums, percussion) have been busy reviving the funk gospel for some time now. Their upcoming debut album "Road Trip" is an elegant culmination of their efforts in keeping alive a revered and timeless tradition that still serves as a reference to this day.


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