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Making his debut on Daptone Records, it brings us great pleasure to introduce the baddest new voice in the land, Napoleon Demps. A Flint Michigan native, he grew up listening to Soul luminaries OV Wright, Willie Hutch and Sam Cooke, whose influence led Demps down a path to becoming an accomplished Soul singer himself. Demps, having been a long time Daptone fan, connected with the Dap-Kings at a soundcheck at a Detroit nightclub for an impromptu rendition of “A Change is Gonna Come.” Bosco Mann was floored by his voice and swore they would meet again. Last year, with that sweet soulful voice still ringing in his ears, Mann would reconnect with Demps and bring him out to Penrose Recorders in Riverside, California to finally cut his first Daptone side. "Norma Jean" is a funky soul groover that lands somewhere between the nuanced big city sounds Chicago and Detroit were pumping out in the late '60s: think the grit of Twinight's houseband Pieces of Peace, kissed by the sophisticated Motor City production of Dave Hamilton or The Brothers of Soul and you're getting warm.

Smoove & Turrell's upcoming new album "Stratos Bleu" marks a sea change as the Geordie soul band shift into the more electronic territories that they have previously only briefly indulged in. And new track "This Time" is the epitome of this new approach with main keys man, Mike Porter's enormous synth collection gets dusted off to help create a sound that emanates early 90's dancefloor nostalgia.

Vocalist John Turrell's voice is as usual a wonderful centerpiece for the crew to work around, and they sure know how to frame it... Uplifting melodies, driving four to floor beats, and a deliciously funk-infused bass all contribute to the euphoria, which the production mastermind of the crew -Smoove, has then meticulously polished to help this track shine in it's full glory. Add to that a humorous video created during lockdown and you have yourself a tasty morsel indeed!

Born from and influenced by the sounds and compositions of 60’s and 70’s film composers, Alan Evans & Kris Yunker combine their song writing and production aesthetic to create what they describe as “electrorganic music”. The journey their music takes you on is The 7 Day Weekend.
"Mango Moonrise" is a song with melodic and drifting melodies that rise brighter with each pass above an solid but simple rhythmic under current. The perfect beginning and end to you 7 Day Weekend as the moon rises with a mango glow. The 7 Day Weekend members Alan Evansand Kris Yunker have an impressive musical track record. Evans is the renowned founder of USA band Soulive and renowned as one of the best drummers in the modern funk / souljazz world. He also has enjoyed success with Ae3. He is an in demand studio owner and producer. Evans is a partner in the Vintage Music Label. Yunker is an acclaimed keyboard player and composer – he has enjoyed success with funk outfits such as OnTheSpot Trio and Ae3.

The UK's funk brothers are back! After 2 years working hard in their studio in Leeds in the north of England, The Haggis Horns are ready to drop album number 5! "Stand Up For Love" is released worldwide on their own label Haggis Records on the 22nd May on Vinyl, CD and Digital. This album has them doing what they've done best from day one...kicking the funk! Plus the spotlight is truly on the band - no special guests, just Haggis Horns band members past and present including "Hot Damn!" singer John McCallum who features on seven out of the nine tracks making this their most vocal led album to date.

"Stand Up For Love" is their 5th album and as always it drips with funk and soul magic which show the band's love for early/mid 70's artists. From pure funk club bangers like "Shoulder To Shoulder" and "Haggis Express" to deeper soulful sounds of "Ain't Nothing But Love In The End", "Give It Up" and "Ain't Loving One Another" (which features one of many stand out vocal performances by John McCallum) it's a mix that makes sure all musical bases are covered. Also original percussionist/conga player Sam Bell is back recording with the band and once again adding some latin fire to the Haggis Horns sound. There's even a soulful reggae track on this one, the album title song "Stand Up for Love". Two decades on, numerous releases, hundreds of gigs worldwide, this 5th album proves that The Haggis Horns are still kings of the hill when it comes to UK Funk and Soul.

LaRose Jackson, who you may remember from "Luv Jones" - the 2014 party-certified smash duet with the incomparable Charles Bradley - steps into the spotlight with her funky solo debut, "How Did We Get Here". Born and raised in Coney Island, LaRose's rich timbre and assertive vocal delivery caught the attention of producer Tommy "TNT" Brenneck one night when he was in attendance at Charles Bradley's legendary "Black Velvet" show at Club Essence - where Jackson was also a regular performer. The two hit it off and began collaborating on several sides, the fruit of which we humbly offer up here. LaRose's tough-as-nails delivery coupled with the infallible groove and sure-shot horn arrangement courtesy of the Menahan Street Band distills the track down to Soul in its purest form, without sacrificing any of the rawness one comes to expect from a TNT production. Expect much more on the horizon from LaRose and Co.. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Lexsoul Dancemachine is a 6-headed, smoking-hot funk beast known for tearing venues apart with its energetic performances on stage. Active since 2013, the aim of this machine is to hypnotize feel-good music lovers with thumping bass lines, syncopated rhythms, irresistible grooves and soulful vocals. It’s the kind of music you can breakdance to, although in between those hard-hitting sounds you’ll find some more tender moments.
"Money (feat. Cory Wong)" is the last single lifted from Lexsoul Dancemachine’s upcoming album "Lexplosion II" due on May 29th via Funk Embassy Records. The track brings on the heavyweight Cory Wongwho lends his rubber fingers to perhaps the grooviest rhythm-toting funk on the album. In addition to the feature artists’ guitar solo, we’re treated to a bassline and vocals that make it a DJ and radio playlist dynamite, ready to be exploited by funk-soul pioneers. Lexsoul Dancemachine is here to wake you up, make you stomp your feet and jive with their raw street funk on one side and sweet soul on the other!

After the overwhelmingly positive response to their recent album, Crowd Company release "Orbital", a 2nd instrumental recorded as part of sessions for Crowd Company’s latest album "Lowdown". "Orbital" takes things in a completely different direction with a powerful, exciting funk workout and an ambient, psychedelic flavour, evoking acid jazz and even Egyptian melodies. The track features the sublime horn playing of Ryan Zoidis (Sax) and Eric Bloom(Trumpet) from Grammy nominated band Lettuce.
Third full-length "Lowdown" dropped at the beginning of 2020 and was touted by critics and fans alike as the band’s best yet. With three albums under their belt, a prolific collaboration underway with Alan Evans and the Vintage League Music label, almost non-stop live shows and a growing fanbase, Crowd Company are a name we’re sure to hear much more of in the future!

Lateralize Records is proud to announce the digital release of new single "Back From The Brink (Harder Than You Think)", following the release of The Soul Immigrants’ album in November 2019. Rather than producing the same sound year after year, good musicians and songwriters constantly evolve.
That's true about TSI whose recent slew of singles have been through the gamut of tough funk such as in "Yard Of Hard Ft Fred Wesley") deep soul, with their explosive cover of Barbara Lynne's "I'm A Good Woman" and now with this, a soul jazz gem, "Back From The Brink (Harder Than You Think)". This souped up, revamped version, marks a maturation point between artist and producer Kraznet Montpeliers hedding the old and moving boldly forward, both sonically and lyrically. "Back From The Brink (Harder Than You Think)" is a strong effort, showcasing the knack at creating dynamic, vibrant and memorable music which carries well as a stand alone single.

Freshly unleashed from the vaults of Desco Records and remastered for the first time since its 1998 release, it is an honor to announce the re-release of one of the finest and most satisfying needle drops of the last 40 years, Lee Fields' classic, Let's Get a Groove On. In addition to ushering in the funk revival of the 1990’s, this album was a watershed moment that laid roots for the future of soul music to come, being not only Fields’ re-introduction to the modern scene, but featuring background vocals by a young Miss Sharon Jones as well. Lee, who has been a steady player in the game since the late 1960's, releasing a dozen or so funk/soul sides that have since become mainstays in the playboxes of some of the world's most celebrated DJs, was relatively obscure when he teamed up with Desco records. The release of Let's Get a Groove On revitalized Lee's career, placing him in the forefront of a burgeoning scene where he still stands today.

Gathering up all his favourite styles - funk, soul, disco, house, quirky pop and cinematic sounds, multi-instrumentalist Flevans has created his latest studio album "Accumulate", that draws from all but is still undeniably his own. Working with a crack team of collaborators he’s served up another absolute gem of a record that is more lyrical than any of his work before.
One of the stars of the last album Laura Vane (MJ Cole, Cee Lo Green) returns to the fold to front four tracks with her versatile and powerful vocal. Label mate, Smoove & Turrell front man, and all-round Geordie extraordinaire John Turrell also gets to flex his tones on the wonderfully upbeat northern soul gem "Silly Games". Plus there are two unique cuts with the mysterious Scooby Jones, a man who has worked and toured with acts as diverse as Ed Sheeran, The Black Eyed Peas, Craig David and more. Really, there’s no gamble here, just another killer LP - Flevans has speculated, so you can accumulate!

In 2019 German funk superstars The Mighty Mocambos returned in fine form with the release of their fourth album "2066", a blistering set of funk, afro, hip hop, cinematic compositions and soulful storytelling, and now they are finally delivering the new singles from their current album.
Both break-heavy psychedelic soul score theme "Superstrada" and battle proven b-boy jam "Concrete Stardust" were identified as two of the most popular tunes from the album during The Mighty Mocambos' recent European live shows. Here they are in DJ-friendly uncut & extended versions. Their unique style and trademark sound are loved by peers, fans and critics alike and distinguishes them from mere retro-copycat-acts as well as overproduced plastic soul. The Mighty Mocambos continue to deliver their brand of funk with blazing horns, soulful guitars, driving drums and basslines combined with an extra bit of quirkiness.

Scottish trumpeter Malcolm Strachan is a founder member of top UK funk/jazz-funk band The Haggis Horns as well as being one of the busiest session musicians in the UK today. In a professional career spanning 20 years, he's worked and toured with the likes of Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jamiroquai, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas and many others.
Now he's finally releasing his first solo album, aptly titled "About Time" on Haggis Records and he's going back to his original musical roots... jazz. "About Time" is a collection of original compositions, all written and arranged by Malcolm, which are firmly rooted in the classic acoustic modern jazz style typified by the great 60s and 70s recordings on the legendary Blue Note Records label. From full-on Latin vibes to beautiful ballads, soul jazz grooves to cinematic soundtrack flavours, all woven together perfectly by a great group of experienced musicians.

6-headed Estonian groove monster Lexsoul Dancemachine makes you face "Nu Reality" – an infectious slice of disco-funk that is the first single from their upcoming new album dropping in May. This uptempo number sees Lexsoul joined by guest Ms. Lutsoja, who adds a staggering violin solo to the 5 minute stomper. The track is accompanied by a humorous new video that perfectly captures the playful side of the band. As the members of Lexsoul Dancemachine get off the bus after a gig, thirsty as ever, one of them grabs a bottle from the wrong folks. The situation becomes Lexplosive...
Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Lexsoul Dancemachine is a smoking-hot funk beast known for tearing venues apart with its energetic performances on stage. Active since 2013, the aim of this machine is to hypnotize feel-good music lovers with thumping bass lines, syncopated rhythms, irresistible grooves and soulful vocals. This is just a first taste of what's to come, expect much more lex goodness as the group unveils more music from their upcoming full-length!

A modern soul number that fits today's disco sound, and on 45, what's not to love here!? "Sweet Maybe" is a driving slice of sassy modern soul. A honeyed, sizzling affair with proper live band delivering the goods and featuring Bart Davenporton vocal duties.
Over on the flip, the Synthstrumental version is a party jam that romps along in full-on disco-funk mode. If there's one thing that drives Casbah 73 aka Oli Stewartas a DJ and a producer, more than anything else, it is his love for the music. An all-encompassing, life-consuming affair that gives shape and direction to the distinctive sounds he creates, whether on the dancefloor or in the studio. And he has been in fine form of late, with a superb string of releases combining craftsmanship, live musicians and dance floor suss. Featured singer, LA’s Bart Davenportis an old Lovemonk friend of The Loved Ones, Incarnations &Honeycut fame.