Motown founder Berry Gordy calls it quits at 89

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One omission and one song change - same artist though! Baaaam!  

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She’s Got Soul! - cued up just for you! (Bet you thought I’d forget - always be prepared)! Enjoy! 

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  ‘Amazing Grace’ Shows Aretha Franklin At The Peak Of Her Powers, Singing For A Higher Power - read the full ‘Decider’ review (and more) over @ our official flipboard page!  

Here you go peepio’s! From the vault this week in 2007 -TheBeatCollector presents ‘Hold On’ #enjoy

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Fantastic 70’s Motown albums that are all but forgotten, check out Ian McCann’s full ear opening article on some of these gems (and lots more music news) here!

Friday is upon us again... People Get Ready!

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Also the debut single from New Street Adventure’s Nick Corbin is ready to drop ahead of the album early next year so visit The Spotlight for more information, we’ve heard it here at HQ and it’s fantastic! 

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Mavin Gaye’s What’s Going On Live to be released on vinyl  

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Couple of changes due to accessibility - nothing too dramatic - happy Friday, here’s ‘Soul & Fire’!

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RIP Pedro Bell

We lost the Master Mind behind the Graphic's & Artwork of Funkadelic. Mr. Pedro Bell is an American artist and illustrator best known for his elaborate cover designs and other artwork for numerous Funkadelic and George Clinton solo albums. Thxs for yr service our brother.

2:53 AM · Aug 28, 2019

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Bank holiday funk fest you say? Kick off with this peeps! Have a good one and be safe! 

’Something Inside’ by TheBeatCollector

  The 30 best films about music, chosen by musicians!

The Guardian has come up with a must read for music bio fans!

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It’s that time again! This one is from way back when we hit out first 20,000 hits! Back in those days we cared about stats and shit! Very pleased to say only 2 substitutes and at least they’re the same artist! Still love you all for your support! First aired in 2007 I think? 

Check it, before you wreck it!

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