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Hip Hop For Grown -Ups: 9 Overlooked Hip Hop Albums From The 2010s That Everyone Needs To Listen To

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The unbelievable awesome talent that is Sulene Fleming joins us in The Spotlight, some new gigs announced and Volume 4 is up. This one comes from a big break up some years ago - the best thing for both of us as we’d both agree. Still made for a great mix back in the day! Thankfully the real Mrs G came along and saved this from the skip for ya! A few not available so replaced by the same bands at least!

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Parliament have reissued two LPs on vinyl –  Up for the Down Stroke and Chocolate City – available now via Universal Music imprint Urban Legends.

A few new releases in the Spotlight accompany another weeks funky fillers on Spotify which come from a 2006 acid jazz fuelled mind. 'Mods In Flares' was a big hitter for The Right Side Of Funky that was... five tunes are unavailable though unless I still had them on vinyl so I have replaced them with New Street Adventure tunes, cos I can! Can ya deal with it! 

Amy's classic 'Back to Black' sparks an interesting comparison on the BBC.

Worth a little read if you get the time. Not sure we agree with the song choice but the sentiment it is held under by a generation is certainly inarguable and very real.

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Been a tough week but hey this selection is dedicated to my oldest mate Andy! Just happens to be my favourite of the lot too! Rest in Peace buddy!

Few new releases in The Spotlight and we’ve shared Mother Earth’s latest video with you! Mick does his old TSC keyboard clean at the end which is a nice touch!  Have a good weekend everyone and look after each other!

 There are no breaks on this train so we’re cracking on!

Q&A from legendary music man Keb Darge, a new feature video from Flevans on the home page and the next instalment of tunes from TheBeatCollector. I think ‘Funky B&B’ was first spun between homes in 2005 (?) but the old grey matter isn’t what it used to be... #enjoy


Following on from last weeks Matt Deighton Q&A and ahead of this weeks Mother Earth comeback gig at the 100 Club we bring you a flashback feature video and Mr Pete Brady himself in the spotlight!

As promised Vol. 2 - actually a bit surprised myself that I remembered but there was such a good feedback to last week I realise there’s an audience for my old nonsense! Hope you dig this one too and keep your eye out for a few treats this week starting tomorrow (#tease) - check The Spotlight & The Action! It’s very nearly  Mother Earth time! 

Rare Bootsy & Friends material from over 50 years ago under the moniker The House Guests & featuring some fantastic guests is finally due for release - read the full article in Rolling Stone!

‪This is the weeks ‘featured video’! Another new thing we are test driving on the home page @ TheRightSide! We hope you likey peeps! Tanika Charles -Tell Me Something [Official Video] via @RecordKicks ‬

Finally turned Volume 1 into a  streaming playlist! It’s nice to hear all those tunes together again although I do miss the obvious crackles and soul! Still, as promised it has begun - and  as we recently moved they were dug out and put in a pile together by my lovely other half! Some tunes are missing as have never been digitally released and some have their digital equivalents. I will attempt one a week with these playlists  but that’s gonna be a years worth as there were that many, so no promises! #enjoy

Unheard Miles Davis album featuring Al Jarreau amongst others ready to drop on vinyl - this little treasure purports to be a particularly funky listen - read the full story over @ Flipboard!

So turns out the new Shaft won’t be needing the iconic sound of Isaac Hayes and in fact the film makers were not even interested in the unheard recordings that could have been used. Stunned to discover this but there you go, check out the full story here!

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