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Lastfm have a list of ‘modern’ funk bands worth checking out just in case you've missed any along the way. There were a few names we didn't know so will be checking out. Always worth popping back to see who's on their 'fashionable' list and trying to spot the glaring omissions!

Some of the TheBeatCollector's old selections from back in the day are still available to hear on MixCloud and SpreakerWe do intend at some point to recreate the entire back catalogue on Spotify but obviously that's gonna take some time so hang in there champs!

Lunch break boredom at work? Hit up our YouTube favourites and let us waste that hour without you even noticing. You'll be back to the grind before you know it wondering how you can possibly get the time back we've helpfully stolen!

Some utter ear filth for you funky dawgs at Spotify - hope it helps to ease the summer back in style! It’s hot off this afternoons listening press & as fresh as ya like! Get in there and get ya vibe on - we’ve gone backwards, forwards n sideways to accommodate! Til Next Time.


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There’s some great artwork on our Pinterest collection if you haven’t already checked it out. It’s fair to say funk has always brought something a little different to the table with regards to promotional work.

Seems you’re unheard of these days unless your’re on social media! It’s come a long way since the old MySpace days where all this first grew legs! They were different vibes and a less extreme time but... we have a growing Facebook group if you dig all that jazz!

This lil’ peach is now available for your listening pleasure over @ Spotify where you can also access all our past playlists.

Don’t forget to follow for future selections kidlings although we will of course notify you on here when they are ready. Hope you dig it!


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Hey Funksters, we’ve had a makeover and added some new features including a more user friendly home page in the form of ‘TheRightSide!’.You can now see the latest news at a glance and launch straight to it.

‘TheSpotlight’ is as it says and shows the most recent happenings so you can see immediately if there has been any new offerings since your last visit.

‘TheAction’ shows what the next upcoming gigs we recommend are so if you are looking further forward be sure to check out the rest whole page.

‘TheScene' is a quick access site link page for all our best fellow cybercats and funky affiliates, we dig these peeps!

We have also added a second Vault after the recent flurry of Q&A’s as the first one maxed out and there are a lot still out there yet to come! Along with that there's another huge stockpile of endless YouTube music on the new 🎧 Psych 🎧 and 🎧 Mod 🎧 streams.

And finally we will be dropping ‘TheLowdown’ in the form of updates and notifications like this one so you don’t miss any future doings.

Hope you like the new feel and be sure to get in touch via the contact form on the Scene page if you have any comments or think we’d like to feature you or your band.

(As Always) Stay Groovy Kids,


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