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Rare Bootsy & Friends material from over 50 years ago under the moniker The House Guests & featuring some fantastic guests is finally due for release - read the full article in Rolling Stone!

‪This is the weeks ‘featured video’! Another new thing we are test driving on the home page @ TheRightSide! We hope you likey peeps! Tanika Charles -Tell Me Something [Official Video] via @RecordKicks ‬

Finally turned Volume 1 into a  streaming playlist! It’s nice to hear all those tunes together again although I do miss the obvious crackles and soul! Still, as promised it has begun - and  as we recently moved they were dug out and put in a pile together by my lovely other half! Some tunes are missing as have never been digitally released and some have their digital equivalents. I will attempt one a week with these playlists  but that’s gonna be a years worth as there were that many, so no promises! #enjoy

Unheard Miles Davis album featuring Al Jarreau amongst others ready to drop on vinyl - this little treasure purports to be a particularly funky listen - read the full story over @ Flipboard!

So turns out the new Shaft won’t be needing the iconic sound of Isaac Hayes and in fact the film makers were not even interested in the unheard recordings that could have been used. Stunned to discover this but there you go, check out the full story here!

Lastfm have a list of ‘modern’ funk bands worth checking out just in case you've missed any along the way. There were a few names we didn't know so will be checking out. Always worth popping back to see who's on their 'fashionable' list and trying to spot the glaring omissions!

Some utter ear filth for you funky dawgs at Spotify - hope it helps to ease the summer back in style! It’s hot off this afternoons listening press & as fresh as ya like! Get in there and get ya vibe on - we’ve gone backwards, forwards n sideways to accommodate! Til Next Time.


This lil’ peach is now available for your listening pleasure over @ Spotify where you can also access all our past playlists.

Don’t forget to follow for future selections kidlings although we will of course notify you on here when they are ready. Hope you dig it!


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