‘The Staple Singers’ ‘Come Go With Me: The Stax Collection’ Brings the Gospel-Soul Band’s Peak Years into Focus‘
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‘Lock Down’ from 13 years ago for you this week. Have a double funky weekend groovers! #enjoy

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  'What do the unique melodies of Chuck Brown, Trouble Funk, and The Junk Yard Band all have in common'?  Thanks to Wjla and other sources you can find this out and more on our Official News Channel.

‘The Payback’: How James Brown Perfected His Funky Stuff

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Another guest mix, this time for The Hook & Sling! Plenty of new music has also been added here on the site. Have a great weekend and enjoy! 

Always moving forward, this has been in the offing for a while but finally got there ...TRSOF-TV!

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  New subreddit if that's your thang!

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‘James Jamerson, Bass Of The Motown Sound: 

Alongside his fellow Funk Brothers, he helped weave the very fabric of Tamla Motown’s imposing and infectious sound’.

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Guesting on DJ Blueprint’s thang This Is Tomorrow out of Luxembourg many moons ago! A real honour! #enjoy

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Rescued Soul: Billboard R&B Chart Returns With Temptations On Top 

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Last of the podcast attempts - we’d given up as we knew the price tag was so gloriously unjust we played songs we liked at the time drunk and defiantly! Gets you nowhere but it was fun! Up yours n all that! #goodtimes #funknsoulforever

Listen to ‘Funks Gonna Get Ya’!

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Funkatopia have put together a top 20 funk albums of 2019 list that is pretty darn good! Some omissions are obvious but you can check out what's directly in the article which is pretty nifty! Check that and loads more on our news page!
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