Read the latest article from  UDiscoverMusic on The Legacy Of Sam Cooke and other funk & soul related gubbins over on our news page.

Funkatopia have put together a top 20 funk albums of 2019 list that is pretty darn good! Some omissions are obvious but you can check out what's directly in the article which is pretty nifty! Check that and loads more on our news page!

Hiatus over, this ones about 12 years back, greatly reduced as not all songs were on Spottydog, it’s my attempt at a full set without any singers to see if the crowd noticed!

Check out ‘Sound without Speakers’!

A brilliant timeline has been put together over at The Village Voice tracing the post soul black culture scene! Check it out and more stories on our news page here!

Parliament / Funkadelic George Clinton farewell tour extended. 

Check more details from Live For Live Music and all the other important stories here on our news page!

  ‘Live At Home With His Bad Self’: The original idea that was lost and became the Godfather of Soul's 'Sex Machine' album has now been released with some previously unheard gold dust. Read UDiscoverMusic's full review and more on our news page!

Some great new releases in TheSpotlight this week and we’ve uploaded ‘Back To The Grooves’ - have a good one peeps! #happyfriday

Play it here on Spotify! 

Cool as ice this one chaps! I think it was live exactly 12 years ago this month! #enjoy

And as an extra treat this week there’s a Q&A with the fabulous Rita Ray over in The Spotlight!

Kele (Okereko) is back with his follow up to the folksy ‘Fatherland’ album and this one’s hitting all the buttons. Politics, funk and soul! Chuck in some serious old school Bloc Party where darkness meets disco and boom you’ve hit ‘2042’. It’s grabbed us by the whatnots here at HQ and that’s ‘What The Frequency is Kele’! Link to a full review from the legendary New Musical Express can be found on our news page along with much, much more!

 The awesome Funkatopia bring us an interview with Speech from Arrrested Development that's well worth a listen.

Check the full story and more here!

This weeks offering is another one culled from the ill fated podcast and it’s ‘Funky, Just Like You Want It!’. 

Missed a couple of weeks but getting back on track with ‘He Got Soul’ from waaaaaaaay back when! Have a listen right here! #enjoy 

Read Eddie and Brian Holland on their amazing hits for Motown from The Guardian plus more stories on our official flipboard page! 

Our first podcast ahead of the curve 12 years ago (obvs without the banter) - then we saw the fees so fucked it off! Good times!

Check it out on Spotify groovers! 

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